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Tom came to teaching with one goal in mind – to be an inspiration. He continues this mission by providing workshops for students and teachers in all aspects of learning to learn.


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Tom Barwood

So frequently I find myself getting annoyed with children who behave in a way that I think they shouldn't. Two things jump to my mind. First, I remember what I learned on a course with Mike Fisher (author of 'Beating Anger') which was, in these instances, to 'stop, think and look at the bigger picture' and then to remember a great phrase of Andy Vass's which was to avoid 'going from guts to gob'.

In those moments of pausing to reflect (rather than just react) wouldn't it be great if we could access some of the thinking in this amazing piece that I found written by Derek Tasker. What do you think?


I wonder what would happen if
I treated everyone like I was in love
with them, whether I like them or not
and whether they respond or not and no matter
what they say or do to me and even if I see
things in them which are ugly twisted petty
cruel vain deceitful indifferent, just accept
all that and turn my attention to some small
weak tender hidden part and keep my eyes on
that until it shines like a beam of light
like a bonfire I can warm my hands by and trust
it to burn away all the waste which is not
never was my business to meddle with.


 Derek Tasker