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01234 407915

Tom came to teaching with one goal in mind – to be an inspiration. He continues this mission by providing workshops for students and teachers in all aspects of learning to learn.




The work I can undertake with staff can include...

  • Individual coaching – both willing and harder to shift participants

  • Work with departments/faculties especially in relation to vulnerable or under-performing groups

  • Work with ITT and NQT groups on classroom management

  • Differentiation and AfL 

  • Working with very able groups

  • Observation & Performance Management.

Fortunately for staff Tom has a number of great qualities.

First he is and will always see himself as a teacher; second his work all stems from a coaching perspective; third he has never been on SLT or SMT so he is not keen to ‘tell’ people how to do it or how he/his school etc did it (he can however put you in touch with people he has worked with to move across the grade boundaries who can).

Above all though it is Tom’s clear belief that school transformation or improvement can be brought about by unleashing the untapped potential of staff that make his work so powerful – and boy has he worked with a few difficult cases in his time.

Tom not only comes from a different, original and creative perspective but also one of wide ranging knowledge which includes training to be an inspector so that he can genuinely answer the ‘but will this work when Ofsted are in?’ question.

Workshops for teachers are designed to be interactive, informative, relevant and fun – just as any good lesson should be.

There is an enormous task out there to transform and carry on transforming the classroom. It is probably one of the most exciting and enormous challenges on offer.

Let’s get started!